The most important reason for having a high quality life and sustainable for developed cities is not spending more budget of the construction, is planned and organized development activities.

It is one of the goals of life to use the materials in the nature as a resource and to create a "work" by converting it into different forms. To be able to create a long-lasting and healthy work; a good design, realistic planning, and the most effective use of resources.
Balance Project Management was established with the aim of contributing to the most efficient use of time and resources. The company is specialized in planning, projecting, organization and audit activities. The corporate structure of the company is very young, based on his knowledge and background. The know-how that has been established since 2000's years has become ‘corporate identity’ in 2014 and Balance Project Management has taken its place in the sector.
Balance Project Management uses its technical know-how in advanced construction Technologies, iits managerial experience on many successful projects and its ability to produce economic projects to best assess the resources of its employers.
The knowledge gained in projects that have been successfully accomplished is presented to the world market under the brand name of "Balans International Ltd." established in London.
Balans Project Management who is your most important companion for creating works that will leave you with future generations, is proceeding with sure steps towards the goals of being an international brand.


Being helpful to humanity by high-level contribution to planning, designing, organisation and supervision by regulating.)


By putting forward the best project management system to be one of Turkey’s most reliable, sustainable development ability and innovative project management company.